NTC Tiles LLP was setup in 1984 in Panchkula Haryana. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Concrete products in North India. Under Mr. P.C Gupta guidance, the company has established 6 units in 3 different states. Mr. P.C Gupta is Managing Director of NTC and he has completed Master of Science in Mathematics is deeply involved in the R&D of the company from the last 34 years.

The company has also diversified itself in various fields such as adhesives, GRC, Precast items. We not only manufacture products but we also add engineering to it also we provide the one-stop solution for the builders to satiate all their needs. Being an active member of Bureau of Indian Standard, Delhi (Flooring, Wall Finishing and Roofing Sectional Committee, CED-5), The unit holds an important position in National Level Policymaking and setting the standards for the industries nationwide.

The unit is always in search of new methods to develop and adopt the latest technology using all the means available which makes the company a leader in its product at the national level.The company has its own Qualified Engineering Graduates and Diploma Engineers. The unit has all the modern technology established nationwide like the most advanced Hydraulic Presses and Grinding Machines which are being used for production. The unit regularly conducts random sample test in a Laboratory equipped with the most advanced testing instruments approved by Bureau of Indian Standards to keep a strict check on the quality of the products which makes the unit worthy of an ISI License. From Bureau of Indian Standards for maintaining quality.

The Company have following ISI Licences:

IS:1237 For Manufacturing of Mosaic/Terrazzo Tile
IS:13801 For Manufacturing of Chequered Tiles
IS:15658 For Manufacturing of Paver Blocks
Member- Technical committee of BIS since 1992.
Member2- PBMA since 2017.

The unit serves both the Public as well as Private Sector, with main consumers in Public sector like C.P.W.D., B.S.N.L., M.T.N.L., Indian Railways, Airport Authority of India, Military Engineering Services, Power Projects, State PWDs, Factories and in Private sector like Essel Towers, D.L.F., Fun Republic Cinemas, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Residential Areas etc. The unit has been running successfully since 1984 with an increasing graph and has no financial constraints to achieve its target with the existing day by day by a staggering margin.


NTC Tiles LLP has a sharp focus on Concrete products for architectures, builders and home owners. It has state of the art infrastructure in its modern factories. The company has over seven ISI Licenses, which shows the quality of products and company has in-house laboratories for testing of products.

We maintain stringent quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process. We ensure that every concrete manufactured is of the highest quality. Our manufacturing capabilities are strategically located across different regions in India giving us greater leverage to respond to market requirements within the shortest time.


At NTC Tiles LLP we pay attention in giving an experience to the customer which includes value for money, safety, durability, convenience of operations, aesthetics. Thus makes the customer feel proud of having made the right decision of investing in NTC.










Our Begining

  • 1984


    NTC Tiles LLP formerly known as National Tiles Corporation was established .

  • 1992

    ISI License

    An ISI License was obtained which bears a testimony to the quality standards.ISI mark is a certification mark for industrial items in India.

  • 1994

    Expanded our unit in Panchkula at 39 no.

    During ths year,NTC expanded itself to plot no. 39 industrial area phase 1 panchkula.

  • 1999

    Changed manufacturing process from hand press to auto press

    NTC changed its manufacturing processes from

  • 2003

    Changed auto press to vibrator machine

    Added the vibrator technology to our manufacturing unit.

  • 2007

    Expanded our unit at Kala Amb

    In this year,NTC had spread its arms to another state in Himachal Pradesh.

  • 2010

    Expanded our unit at Raipurani

    NTC extended its realms to yet another area in Haryana.

  • 2012

    Expanded our unit at Rajpura

    NTC expanded its unit to yet another state in India i.e in Punjab.

OUR Manufacturing

One of our largest plant for Ropes and Nets manufacturing We have Extrusion Lines with latest Korean technology; Parapro Danline Yarns for High Tenacity; PP Yarns, and many more; Also, we have all machinery available for Rope Laying as well as for Twisting

This is a plant which is into the manufacturing and supplying of Tiles; we have all the different kind of moulds for different designs of the tiles and Jalis.

This plant is also located in Panchkula, Haryana. It is a plant where manufacturing of Tiles, Planters, Adhesives takes place. This plant of Tiles is named as : NTC Tiles.

Our Azuka office is situated in Panchkula, Haryana; Here we have fully equipped machines and workforce. We have German wrap knitting machines, Swizz weaving machines, and many latest types of equipment used for manufacturing of Ropes, Nets, and Twines.

One of our plants is located in Raipur Rani which is a census town in Panchkula district in the Indian state of Haryana. In this unit, we are into manufacturing of Adhesives, Planters, and many other products.

Our another unit is located in Rajpura, Punjab. It is into the manufacturing of Tiles. We are manufacturing Tiles, adhesives, GRC’s, and many more.