Which Tiles Are Right For Your Terrace To Prevent Heat ?

by ntc

Posted on February 25, 2019

Heat Resistant Tiles

Heat Resistant Tiles are the good solution to prevent the roof from the heat. These tiles are suitable for roof top due to its ability to reflect solar heat. These tiles are also known as Heat Resistant Terrace Tiles, Cool Tiles, Floor Tiles For Terrace, Heat Proofing of Roof, Heat Proofing Tiles for Building etc. These tiles are made in white cement with terrazzo finish in top and bottom with fiberated fiber.

Advantages of Heat Resistant Tiles:

  • Provide better indoor comfort.
  • Reduce inside building temperature by 5 to 6 degrees centigrade.
  • These tiles are the best solution to save electricity
  • Reduce conduction of heat into building.
  • Reduce convection of heat into outside air and formation of bad lower level ozone.

Heat Resistance Tiles prevent buildings from heating in summer by reducing heat from roof ceiling. These tiles are Eco-friendly and easy for installation and also suitable for wide range of hot climate. Compared to other popular materials used to make floors, heat resistance tiles has a significantly longer life span. These tiles are stain resistant, so you can easily maintain your floor.

Heat Resistant Tiles are the most versatile tiles that are manufactured by various manufacturing companies worldwide. If you are staying in India, then I will suggest you to check NTC tiles for good quality of products. Based on international quality standards, NTC using the highest quality raw material for the manufacturing of Heat Resistance Tiles.